Restolex SPINE COMFORT 5 Mattresses - 72 x 48 x 5 Inches


• Memory foam designed by NASA softens in reaction to body heat and takes to the body’s contours, removing pressure from stress points
• OCS (Open Cell Structure)-enabled memory foam reduces heat build-up on the surface of the mattress which reduces tossing-and-turning
• Pinholes of the OCS enabled latex foam provide mattress breathability
• Latex foam provides maximum support that conforms perfectly to your body
• Latex foam is hypoallergenic, i.e. it resists mold and dust mites
• Combination of extra high density coir made from natural fibre and bonded foam provides superior back support
• The natural rubber latex coated coir fibre ensures that the mattress remains cool and springy
• Stretchable knitted fabric or micro polar fleece takes shape along with mattress

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