Eclipse Ortho Series Orthocare ET Mattress

by Happymonk
Rs. 11,899.00

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Eclipse Ortho Series Orthocare ET Mattress


Ortho Care is a combination of Ultra Plush Foam in Euro-top construction and Eclip high density Orthobond foam as core for firm and adequate body support.

  • Comfort Meter: FIRM
  • Conforming Support
  • Orthobond Core
  • Available In:6"/15cm , 8"/20 cm

A good mattress can influence in a very positive way the manner in which you sleep. If you are one of those people who wake up feeling aches and pains that create a huge discomfort maybe you should consider buying a need mattress that is suitable for your needs.

Usually people are confused about how firm or soft their mattress should be. A combination of firmness with softness may be the right choice for you; this means that a medium firmness mattress will suit your needs better, because it gives you the necessary support and it allows your spine to adjust to its natural curve, taking the unnecessary pressure away. You should avoid a softer mattress, because it will provide less support and this could lead to unwanted pains in the morning because it makes sleep in an unnatural position.

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