Eclipse Memory Foam Pillow-With Gel

by Happymonk
Rs. 7,999.00

Eclipse Memory Foam Pillow-With Gel.


Eclipse memory foam with gel pillow is a perfect combination of comfort and coolness with the base of eclipse visco memory foam layered with innovative cool gel technology. The premium memory foam uniquely molds to your relax as you sleep. The unique gel pillow is perfect for any sleep position.

All that we’ve mentioned above leads to an unified conclusion. Without sleep, our body and our mental health will deteriorate, which can endanger not only us, but those around us. Improper sleep leads to reduced productivity at work and school, slower reaction times – making it one of the most serious causes of car crashes around the world. When the body is too tired, and not rested properly, it will sometimes try to engage in micro-sleep, which is actually a state you are not even aware of, and resembles ordinary sleep, but you will still continue working normally, only with greatly reduced motor and cognitive skills.

It is all related to your habits, how late do you go to bed, what do you eat before sleeping, how hard you work etc. With some small changes, you can not only improve your sleep, but also your overall life satisfaction, and this includes.

  • Going to bed every night and waking up in the morning roughly at the same time. This will create your own unique rhythm, and over time, your body will get accustomed to it. Stick to this schedule even on weekends and holidays.
  • Have a comfortable bed, including a mattress, pillows and covers. This will make sure that you are warm during colder periods. A good mattress will also give your back good support, meaning that you will wake up relaxed, without nasty back pains.
  • Avoid eating, drinking or smoking before you go to bed. This can all disrupt your natural sleep cycle, and keep you awake, or even prevent you from entering the REM phase, which is actually deep sleep.
  • If you have troubles sleeping, relax, read a few pages of a book and listen to calming music. Avoid TV, noisy video games and violent TV shows.
  • During the day, be physically active, and this will prepare you well for sleep.
  • Eliminate noise and light from your room while you sleep, or use ear plugs and night masks to ensure that you are not disturbed.

After you’ve done everything that is on this list, you will immediately start noticing improvement. They might be small, but over time, it will all add up and leave you well-rested and energetic in the morning.







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