Eclipse Latex Series Princeton Latex Mattress

by Happymonk
Rs. 18,199.00

Eclipse latex Series Princeton Latex Mattress.


Princeton Latex brings together heavy gauge Bonnel springs and a thick layer of durable 100% Latex on top.

  • Comfort Meter:  MED-FIRM
  • Latex Foam
  • Good for back
  • Available In: 7"/18 cm, 9"/23 cm.

hen we want to buy a new mattress it is very hard to make a decision since there are many products on the market. It is comfortable enough and good for your health? It is durable? It has a good value? These are the main questions you keep asking yourself when deciding to buy a mattress.

While the majority of consumers prefer memory foam mattresses, some may consider a latex mattress for the advantages  it provides.

Latex mattresses have been available on the market since the mid 1950 s. It is considered one of the most healthiest mattresses because it contains an organic element – latex – that comes from the sap of rubber trees..

The majority of bed mattresses are made from chemical materials like memory foam or gel foam that react to your body temperature; if you fear these types of chemical materials with which you're coming into contact you should consider buying a latex mattress. It is considered one of the healthiest and Eco-friendly mattresses because it contains an organic element – latex – that comes from the sap of rubber trees.

These mattresses are most common. They contain metal, coiled spring units above which, layers of padding and/or foam are placed for added comfort and support. Hundreds of steel wire springs work together to adjust to the body’s movements while still providing even support. No other sleep surface offers this unique “reverse support” that allows everybody (lightweights to heavyweights) equal comfort from the same mattress. Additionally, innersprings contain free flowing air circulation throughout the mattress, which prevents heat buildup. This prevents additional perspiration, which will keep you more comfortable and your mattress lasting longer. 

Though collectively classified as "Spring Mattresses" there are numerous construction methods which can be used to make one. Among all varieties, "Pocketed Spring" is the most popular type of them all.


These mattresses consist of 3 layers:

  • The core - entirely springs made from different materials, having various grades of thickness

  • The foundation - usually wool that sustains the spring layer and makes the main structure

  • Upholstery - so called the “comfort layer”, made of foam or fibers, is the layer we usually feel and the one by which we judge if the mattress is hard or soft.

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