Eclipse Contour Care Series Princeton Mattress

by Happymonk
Rs. 11,899.00

Eclipse Contour Care Series Princeton Mattress.


Princeton is a combination of heavy gauge Bonnel springs at core with premium quality Eclipse HD fillings and superior upholstery providing perfect back support of medium firmness. 

  • Comfort Meter:  MED-FIRM
  • Good for back
  • Chiropedic Coil
  • Available In: 6"/15 cm,8"/20 cm, 10"/25 cm.

An innerspring mattress is made with a steel coil innerspring support system, with various foams and fibers on top to provide comfort at the surface.

Spring mattresses are the top selling sleep systems worldwide. But why are they so popular? Their spring-based sleeping system is due to its ability to adapt to body contours and maintain correct spinal position while we sleep. Spring Mattresses are increasingly being preferred over Coir Mattresses and Foam mattresses.

These mattresses consist of 3 layers:

  • The core - entirely springs made from different materials, having various grades of thickness

  • The foundation - usually wool that sustains the spring layer and makes the main structure

  • Upholstery - so called the “comfort layer”, made of foam or fibers, is the layer we usually feel and the one by which we judge if the mattress is hard or soft.

  1. Cheaper than any other type of mattress, because they have developed a lot during time and so the prices kept on falling according to the increase of the people using them.

  2. Long lifetime. Spring mattresses are properly constructed to offer the same comfort for years together. They keep their shape for a long time and hardly get deteriorated.

  3. Developed technology during time. We might say that spring mattresses have been used since our parents were little. The great part is that, during time, their comfort kept growing and coil types and eco-friendly products have been created, being the best response to pressure zones.

  4. Better aired because the spaces between springs that allow easy ventilation of our body heat unlike some other types of mattresses, especially memorable.

Though collectively classified as "Spring Mattresses" there are numerous construction methods which can be used to make one. Among all varieties, "Pocketed Spring" is the most popular type of them all.

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