Spreads Doctor Pillow Plus

by Happymonk
Rs. 3,200.00

Spread Doctor Pillows

PRODUCT SIZE: 18" x 27"

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: What Do You Sleep On? A PILL? OR A PILLOW? It is designed to support the head neck & shoulder while you change your sleeping position several times each night. It is Coated in Aloe Vera Gel ,a doctor pillow cover allows your body to absorb the goodness of Vitamin E ,While you are sleeping . No more sleepless nights with Aloe Vera Relaxing every pore of your body.

MATERIAL: Outer : Aloe Vera Gel Coated
Inside : Memory Foam
Feel : Adjustable


WASHCARE: Home washable
Machine Washable
Do Not Squeeze After Wash
Do Not Tumble Dry
Dry Clean If Required
Dry Immediately After Wash

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