Spreads Aloe Vera Pillow

by happymonk
Rs. 1,850.00

Aloe Vera Pillows

Product Size: Standard Size(18" x 27")

The Richest source of Vitamin E available to mankind,Spread has incorporated highest level of Allover Gel for fiber coating ,this gel works silently throughout your sleeping period using the body temperature to circulate to Vitamin E on your skin. It supports to your comfortable sleep through out the night.Made of Micro fibers and fabric coated with 100% pure Aleo Vera gel , this pillow is comprised with an anti-allergic filling that leaves one's skin free from irritation or rash.

Additional Information:

Material: Outer : Aloe Vera Gel Coated
Inside : Micro Fiber
Feel : Soft

Package Content: 1 Pillow

Wash care: Home washable
Machine Washable
Do Not Squeeze After Wash
Do Not Tumble Dry
Dry Clean If Required
Dry Immediately After Wash

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