Marvel Roller Blinds Plain Bright Translucent BT 104

by Marvel
Rs. 149.00
Hand Picked Translucent Texture fabrics from around the world, to allow just the right amount of light to come into your space. Due to diverse colors combined with gamut’s ‘Plain series’ is addictive to office, and institutional customers. Roller Blinds can completely modernize the interior with wonderful colors and designs. When the first rays of early morning sun come streaming through the window, Roller blinds come as an ideal Solution Offering an efficient and elegant way of controlling the amount of light to penetrate maintaining your privacy. Roller blinds, are an easy and economical way to add color, style and texture to any decor. A popular choice, roller blinds are constructed with modern fabrics and offer simple functionality for ease of use. If you want to get complete darkness in the room with zero light through the window please go for the blackout series. You could either operate it manually or through touch of remote.
Composition : 100% Polyester Weight : 210 G/M² (±5%) Fabric Thickness : 0.33 Mm(±0.05) Available Width : 2.50 Mtr. Hanging Properties : Excellent Tearing Strength : Very High Coating : Acrylic Coating Resistant To Cracking & Fraying Cleaning : Conditionally Cleanable With A Damp Cloth

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