Kronoswiss Swiss INFINITY Swiss Laminate Flooring D 3738 CT SAN FRANCISCO

by Kronoswiss
Rs. 290.00
Length : 1380 mm Width : 244 mm Thickness : 8 mm




About Kronoswiss

SWISS KRONO AG is a member of the Kronoswiss Group. The Group is organised under the control of Krono Holding AG. It remains to this day completely family owned, and is a major player in the manufacturing and finishing of wood based products.

SWISS KRONO AG, like the other factories within the Kronoswiss Group, is run as an independent profit center. Today's manufacturing plant was established in 1966, is located in Menznau, in the idyllic and un-spoilt rural Canton of Lucerne. Wood products are produced with the usual Swiss procession and quality, and are sold worldwide.

Kronoswiss Feature Video 

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