Kronoswiss Swiss Giant Swiss Laminate Flooring D 3722 CD GOTTHARD EICHE

by Kronoswiss
Rs. 251.00
Giant AC5
Available only on Order for Institutions Giant Range is a top quality long board in a wider plank laminate floor. Giant has a very realistic and durable embossed wood-effect finish. This makes Giant look very close to the real thing. With a tough AC5 rated finish, it is much harder to mark or scratch than most common laminate flooring.
Plank Dimensions:: Length : 2025 mm Width : 244 mm Thickness : 12 mm

Swiss Krono Feature Video 

SWISS KRONO AG is a member of the Swiss Krono Group. The Group is organised under the control of Krono Holding AG. It remains to this day completely family owned, and is a major player in the manufacturing and finishing of wood based products.

SWISS KRONO AG, like the other factories within the Swiss Krono Group, is run as an independent profit center. Today's manufacturing plant was established in 1966, is located in Menznau, in the idyllic and un-spoilt rural Canton of Lucerne. Wood products are produced with the usual Swiss procession and quality, and are sold worldwide.

Bulk Discounting We offer further discounts as part of our bulk price tiers for those people wishing to order over a larger area. If you would like any further information please contact our sales advisors on: +918197839014

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