Go Cream All the way.

by Happymonk Operations February 09, 2018

In this series of post, we will be focusing on some of the top projects that were executed by us at Happymonk. Our works come with some of the best architects in the market. Our focus, providing the best product, colour combination with the character of the best service in the market. 

To take a step back, this project was executed under Principal Architect Ganesh Kumar of Studio69, Bangalore. There is a certain subtlety in the color scheme of the house. Every section, every floor comes with its own character and nature. There are no two common areas of the same.  

Flooring made out of pure satvaria marble, gold chromed foil interlined with a dash of unique pattern on the wall. Keeping the sofas well in tune with the basics on the wall and dark coloured fabrics for the curtain, brings in the radial archery out of the stone. To think of it, this scheme of color is extremely soothing to the mind. It takes back to the golden old days. Giving a indication of how important it is for color schemes to play when we decide what to put into our homes.  Usually having basics like White, Creme, Beige and softer tones help reduce the stress off our minds. Darker tones like the black, brown put more stress on our head. Pop Colors play a vital role in our color selection. It is also suggested that they reflect our personality.  Colors like Orange, Green, Red can also do a lot good. 

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Happymonk Operations
Happymonk Operations


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