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It all started as a simple Interior designing company selling everyday flooring and furnishing products.

Cradle to Cradle

We Realised that every project, It is fascinating the amounts of waste is generated over the life cycle of structures we create. Right from the construction to demolition, we create intense amounts of waste. From Cement, Wood, Steel many precious items go waste which can critically be used again in cycles of production. We then set out to see how we can create a circular economy so that everyone in our future can sustain.

We found


We've found ways to ensure maximum amounts of scrap can be utilised back into the system.

We sourced, tried & tested various materials over the next years to create solutions and products for the industry. 

At Happymonk, we love to solve problems that haunt everyday corporates and Industries. We combine design and technology to create and solve various problems of the recycling industry. 

Who are we?

 We come from a humble begings and learning, our experience is our teacher and we let our work speak for itself.  A family backed business, spearheaded by Bhavish Agarwal as the Managing Director. 

Over 30 People comprise of team,In-house Designing and Manufacturing teams with in-depth access to the waste industries giv you the best of the best. 

We believe customer comes first & we are always looking forward for new challenges. 

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